Noida over the years has emerged as a real estate hotspot in north India. The reason why Noida emerged as one of the most sought-after locations for investment in real estate is that it is close to Delhi, the capital of India, and has all the amenities that make a place attractive for property investment.

Due to its excellent connectivity and world-class infrastructure, Noida has seen unprecedented development in the few years. What gives Noida its unique character is not only its top-notch infrastructure but also its proximity to Delhi, making it an attractive destination for multinational companies. Tier one companies want to establish their base at a place that is close to the transportation hub, has excellent infrastructure, and is close to the seat of power. Noida has all these qualities, attracting the top companies in the world to open their headquarters here. Noida and Greater Noida have commercial and residential hubs, offering excellent options to real estate investors and working professionals alike. Real estate investors and working professionals looking for avenues to invest and affordable places to rent respectively have great choices available in Noida and Greater Noida.

This blog puts a spotlight on Noida’s property market potential and highlights how the real estate sector is poised to present innumerable opportunities in the coming years.

State of the real estate market in Noida Sector 143:

The demand for commercial and residential properties in Noida Sector 143 is witnessing a sharp increase. The place, Sector 143, is home to some of the most famous and prestigious real estate projects. Sikka Kaamna Greens in Sector 143 is one of the biggest names in real estate. The area has a right mix of commercial and residential properties with great amenities. High-rise luxury but affordable apartments, villas, and commercial spaces contribute significantly to making Noida’s Sector 143 an attractive destination for living and real estate investment.

The average property price in Noida is anywhere between 4,000 and 9,000 per square foot, making the place affordable. What differentiates Noida from other places is the wide variety of options it offers in residential as well as commercial places. Unlike metropolitan cities, like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, et al., Noida has something to offer to everyone. It is a city that has both high-end and affordable properties.

The reason behind the demand for properties in Noida


The young working population is fuelling demand for properties in Noida Sector 113. Young working professionals looking for luxurious modern living space are contributing to the huge surge in property demand all over the country and Noida is no exception. Noida is home to many multinational companies, attracting professionals from all corners of the country. Over the years, Noida has emerged as a numero uno destination for skilled professionals. The migration of skilled workers to Noida is making Noida a property hotspot.

Because Noida has emerged as a magnet for working professionals, it has also attracted the attention of real estate investors. Real estate investors and developers, looking for new opportunities to invest and develop real estate, see in Noida a huge potential to develop further and bring a handsome dividend on their investments. The chances of capital appreciation and high rental yields are great in Noida Sector 113 because of its strategic location, being close to the transportation hub, and excellent connectivity to nearby areas such as Delhi and Dwarka. The presence of elite educational institutions, hospitals, and entertainment hubs such as theatres will ensure the real estate price appreciation further

Factors Contributing to the Growth of the Real Estate Market in Noida Sector 143

There are innumerable factors contributing to the growth of real estate in Noida Sector 113. In the years after economic liberalization in 1991, Noida emerged as an investment center primarily because of its proximity to Delhi, the capital of India. Multinational companies looking for cheap land and labor chose Noida over other places because of the multiple advantages this place offered. Some of the reasons behind the growth of the real estate market in Noida Sector 113 are enumerated below:

1. Strategic location

Noida Sector 143 is near major cities in NCR. Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad are near Noida Sector 113, making the sector attractive to people who are looking for an affordable place to live or invest. Compared to Gurgaon or Delhi, Noida is affordable and has as many opportunities to offer as any other metropolitan city.

2. World-class infrastructure

Noida Sector 143 is well-connected to all nearby major cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Dwaraka, and Faridabad through a vast network of metalled roads and expressways. Sector 143 is nestled between Noida and Greater Noida and is near the upcoming Jewar Airport. The operation of the new airport will further give a boost to connectivity to the people of Noida Sector 143.

3. Presence of commercial hubs

Commercial hubs of Noida such as Sector 62, Sector 63, and Sector 18 are close to Sector 113. Many multinational companies have their offices and many more tier 1 companies are planning to open their offices. The presence of commercial hubs and tier-one companies is another reason for price appreciation in real estate in Sector 143 of Noida.

4. Developing Infrastructure

In the coming days, the real estate market in Noida Sector 143 is expected to do extremely well owing to the ongoing infrastructural projects. The Noida Authority is developing infrastructure such as roads, colonies, etc., in Sector 143. Plans are afoot to widen existing roads and build new flyovers to tackle traffic congestion. Because of rapid infrastructure development, Noida Sector 143 is turning into a real estate investment hub.

5. Open spaces

Nowadays it is very difficult to have open spaces in big cities. Metropolitan cities have turned into concrete jungles with no or little open space. The skyrocketing real estate price means each and every available inch of land is utilized for housing or other similar purposes. Noida is an exception. When it comes to open spaces and greenery, Noida offers great options. Sector 143 in Noida is surrounded by lush greenery and the environment is cleaner compared to other NCR regions. Open spaces, a peaceful location, and a serene environment are some of the advantages of living in Sector 143. Because of the availability of open and green spaces, Noida is attracting people in search of a liveable place. These factors will make real estate in Noida do better than other cities in the times to come.

6. Modern and comfortable living spaces

We have discussed in detail the amenities available in sector 143 in Noida. It is time to turn our gaze toward the living spaces available at affordable rates.

You can find some of the most modern and luxurious residential projects in Sector 143. The apartments and villas have state-of-the-art amenities, providing residents with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Commercial spaces too have all the amenities one looks for.

The right balance between high-end and affordable properties has given Noida an aura of a one-stop real estate investment hub. The abovementioned factors are contributing massively to securing the future of the real estate market in Noida Sector 143.

The future prospects of the real estate market in Noida are bright. Noida occupies a strategic location, offering something to people coming from walks of life. The rapid infrastructural growth, proximity to nearby areas, world-class amenities, excellent connectivity, the upcoming airport in Jewar, and the right balance between commercial and residential spaces have made Noida Sector an enviable real estate market with a huge potential to appreciate in the coming years.